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4 advantages of a vegan lifestyle

BY Anja Baš @anjabas / 11.Jul.2019 / Recipes

1. Vegan diet can be good for your health

Compared to omnivorism, the vegan lifestyle comes with a lot less saturated fats, which wreak havoc on our cardiovascular system.

Animal products do not contain any of the fiber that is so good for our digestion. 

Switching to a balanced plant diet also reduces the chances of the following diseases: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, strokes, obesity, osteoporosis...

For years plant-based protein was considered by elite athletes to be a poor substitute for meat, claiming they were missing some of the essential amino acids. This turned out to be misleading, as the right plant sources can even help our bodies get more protein than meat.
Peas and hemp seeds are two of the best sources of plant protein and there are great powders out there too, like from MGC Nutraceuticals.

2. The effect of animal-based diets on the environment

There are about 1.3 billion heads of cattle on this planet, taking up about 24% of the earth’s surface. Because of all the land that raising animals requires, Europe can no longer be self-sufficient for food (Foodwatch).

70% of the Amazon rainforest has been chopped down to raise animals (pastures as well as soy and grains for animal feed) (UN).

Animal husbandry produces more greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and methane) then all our traffic infrastructure put together.

A third of the planet’s surface has turned to deserts, with husbandry being one of the main reasons.

3. Water pollution

Half of all water consumed in America goes to watering feed grain used for livestock.

Animal husbandry is one of biggest polluters of water on earth (food production for animals, waste, manure) (UN).

4. For animal's wellbeing

Farms where animals are raised for food production are often the scenes of rough if not outright cruel behavior. The bigger the farm, the more competitive their prices are, so small-scare producers, who are committed to ethical husbandry practices, are faced with the ever more difficult task of staying on the market. At the end of the day, many such producers ultimately decide to do things the traditional way – it’s either that or go out of business. This of course is by no means an excuse for such behavior.

On the other hand, MGCNutraceuticals’ products are cruelty-free – always! 

It’s always up to the individual. Sooner or later we all have to ask ourselves which industry we feel comfortable supporting and are the facts and problems listed above something that we want to contribute to or take a stand against. We all need different amounts of time to really explore the issue and come to a decision that works best with our opinions and convictions. Regardless of these opinions and convictions, though, it is an unarguable fact that a vegan diet has a ton of benefits – not just for us, but for the whole planet.