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BCAA Capsules

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5 reasons Why to choose MGC Nutraceuticals

Who are we and why are we different? 

What makes MGC Nutraceuticals unique is the pedigree of the MGC Pharmaceuticals division behind it and their world-class research and development of CBD. The entire MGC Nutraceuticals range is designed to enhance your diet and ensure you’re doing the very best for your body, naturally.

In what we believe is reason why to choose us

Our mission at MGC Nutraceuticals is to help heal the world through the use of our high-quality, CBD-based products. We believe that CBD from natural source, has the potential to provide extra health benefits to users, like inner body balance, well-being, homeostasis and happiness. 

1. We believe in good health

What is good health? It means something different for every one of us.
Whether it’s feeling properly-rested, recovering quickly after a training session, feeling on top of your work or just being the version of yourself you have always deserved to be.

2. We believe in happy body

When your body is happy your mind is happy.
Whatever your wellness goals we have an offering that will work in harmony to help you get there.

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one”
Astrid Alauada

3. We believe in CBD from natural source

Whole foods are an essential part of a healthy, clean and balanced approach to life.
Eating whole foods gives us every one of nature’s intended benefits.
Derived from the hemp plant but delivering no psychoactive effects, our CBD from natural source is at the forefront of a new revolution in natural self-care.

4. We believe in “We are what we eat”

Everything we make is proudly vegan-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free. 
We complement our products with only the highest provenance ingredients to deliver health-defining choices.

5. We believe in our products

  • MGCaps are easy-to-digest capsules delivering clean, high-quality and essential branched-chain amino acids to build your body’s vital proteins.
  • Hemp Protein Powder is rich in plant-based proteins, high-quality, has and a wide spectrum of vital vitamins and minerals to fuel and recharge your body’s systems.
  • Water Soluble is a water-soluble alternative to Hemp oil allowing for even greater bioavailability and absorption of pharmaceutical-grade CBD in to the body.
  • CBD-In-Oil is a full-spectrum whole-plant extract alongside MCT Oils, which provide clean and sustained energy.