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Hemp Protein Waffles with Yoghurt and Raspberries

BY @sitfitsi / 05.Jul.2019 / Recipes

I first made these waffles at home last year when I got my partner Domen a grill with a waffle maker for his birthday. Turns out they’re even easier and quicker to make than I thought. All you do is whip up the batter, lightly oil your grill, put a little batter on, and shut it tight. Wait a few minutes and you’ve got yourself some waffles. It’s crazy simple!

For decoration – as well as the extra taste, of course! – I used raspberries. Lately I’ve been truly in love with them, and I have no idea why I never ate them more often in the past.

All you need for today’s recipe are dry ingredients, wet ingredients, and your appetite. Oh yeah, and a waffle iron. But no problem if you don’t, just make pancakes instead! They’ll have a different shape, but the same delicious taste.

Dry ingredients: 

You can certainly use regular white flour instead of whole-wheat, but why would you do that? If you can – and that’s almost always – substitute white flour with wholegrain, why wouldn’t you? White flour has been bleached of all its nutrients. I use wholegrain flour everywhere, mostly spelt, but sometimes also whole-wheat. Whole grains are much more nutritious for you.

I had wanted to try protein powders for a long time. There are so many on the market, though, that I didn’t even know where to start and what to look at. Then as if by a miracle I got a packet of MGCNutraceuticals’ hemp protein powder.

They are vegan and gluten-free. They taste so good – really, they’re just so rich and yummy – that I decided to try making waffles with them. 

Count the baking powder and bicarbonate among your dry ingredients; they’ll make your waffles fluffier!

Wet ingredients: 

  • 1 egg
  • (almond) milk
  • vanilla extract
  • melted coconut oil

You can use regular milk or any plant milk, too. My favorites are almond and oat milk. And vanilla extract of course never hurts. You can also use vanilla sugar or a bean of real vanilla. If you don’t have any of this at hand, don’t worry and just focus on the rest.

Making the batter could not be easier. Just mix your dry ingredients, mix your wet ingredients, and mix your dry ingredients into the wet. Voila! Your batter should just be the slightest bit thicker than crêpe batter. 

Since crêpes and waffles are a little bit boring by themselves, just like your friends, I upped the ante a little bit with raspberry yoghurt. What is that, you ask? That’s just Greek yoghurt, sweetened with maple syrup and colored with crushed raspberries. Very refreshing and oh so good!

And how to make waffles? Warm up your iron, oil it with a little coconut oil, put in about 3 spoons of batter, and close it. Bake your waffles for about 5 minutes.

Serve them on a plate with 2 spoonfuls of raspberry yoghurt, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a garnish of raspberries themselves. Bon apetit!