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Small Steps toward Big Changes

BY Anja Baš @anjabas / 15.May.2019 / Recipes

Fast-paced tempo. Stressful jobs. No free time.

Who out there reading this hasn’t experienced these things? Who wouldn’t want to have time every morning to relax, then start the new working day peacefully with tons of energy.
We have 3 simple pieces of advice for you to help take some of your worries away as you struggle with your busy schedule.

Morning stretching - the bridge

While you’re lying on your back, bend your knees and drag your heels toward your butt. Leave your arms extended alongside your body. Slowly and with your abs tight lift your butt towards the ceiling, using your outstretched arms and heels for support. Hold this position at least 20 seconds, repeating each exercise at least 3 times. This exercise will ensure that the muscles in your back get gently stretched out.

Eat breakfast

Smoothies are a tasty and healthy choice to start your day off right, and they are also quick and easy to make. Toss into your blender 2 dl of coconut water, a handful of almonds, a banana, whatever fruit is in season, and a portion of MGC Nutraceuticals’ protein powder for a solid dose of healthy plant protein (I'm personally big fans of the Coconut Milk flavor). Pour out your smoothie into a shaker or other reusable container to take with you on your way to work. Yummy!

Brief meditation several times per day

Take time for yourself every day. Close your eyes for a minute and clear your thoughts. Focus your mental energy on breathing, which should be both deep and relaxed. This is something you can do anytime and anywhere: while you’re waiting for the bus, during a break at work, in the shower, while running through the woods, etc. In short, any place you feel like taking a moment to breathe deeply.

Now get out there and take on the day, full steam ahead!