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Yoga and Diets

BY Tadeja Krzic @artygirl_tk / 17.Jul.2019 / Recipes

One of the most important rules in Yoga is ensuring that you never force your body to do anything. The same goes for food and nutrition as well. I really don’t like giving in to advertisements that affect my decision-making. Rather, I make decisions based on what I believe and I always check what I’m putting into my body. 

My decisions about food and nutrition are personal and simply have nothing to do with the fact that Yoga is such a big part of my life. When I decided to take a class to become a Yoga instructor, I often “joked” about being afraid that – sooner or later – I’d become a vegan because of Yoga.

I still made a big change in the way I eat a few years ago. It wasn’t so much because of my Yoga per se, but because I noticed that Yoga practitioners start looking at themselves differently along the way. This comes completely naturally, free of any expectations or pressure to change anything about ourselves. Yoga triggers this feeling that there is nothing wrong with us, and we quickly start noticing hints of self-acceptance, which is a natural product of constantly observing one’s self and one’s surroundings. Self-observation quickly leads to us noticing things that aren’t serving us very well, and often the first changes to take place have to do with the way we eat.

The calm that we achieve through regular Yoga quickly transfers to our everyday routine. For example, we may start taking more time for meals, so we can really enjoy them in peace and quiet.

I removed most animal products from my menu, including dairy, becoming a pescetarian. I still haven’t given up fish. 

I still realize, though, that my body needs protein. Without protein my muscles and other tissues and organs wouldn’t be able to regenerate. 

Since I don’t eat animal products, I need to get my protein from plants. It didn’t take long for me to start using powdered protein, mixing it into smoothies, which are a part of my everyday diet.

I was most impressed by hemp protein, which have everything my body needs. As far as taste goes, I’m a pretty picky customer. After all, a lot of times I just mix protein into water, with no other ingredients, so the taste needs to be good on its own

The Toffee-flavored hemp protein kills 3 birds with 1 stone: first, it’s a great source of protein, second, it’s got tons of fiber (even more than other plant-based protein), and third, it tastes so good that I can mix it simply with water and it tastes great.

Regularly practicing Yoga also quickly teaches you what kind of meals and ingredients don’t make you feel good.  It also teaches you to limit the cravings you have for food, helping you change your diet easily. My own practice has taught me that I want that amazing feeling I have right after a session to continue with me for the long term.  And one of the easiest ways to ensure that we feel good is by insisting on a healthy diet. 

We all want to stay healthy and live long lives, but doing so takes hard work. We must realize the importance of movement and a healthy diet, as well as the importance of avoiding stress, or at least limiting the negative effects of stress on our minds and bodies. Yoga plays a big role here. 

Yoga makes us more vital, as its movements lift up our bodily and spiritual energy, while at the same time unblocking the energy that has been trapped in our tense muscles and joints. It increases our balances and teaches relaxed but upright posture. In fact, Yoga has even been proven to improve posture. Endorphins are also released by Yoga – our happiness hormones. All of this leads concretely to more joie de vivre.

You don’t need to be a nutritionist or a teacher of spirituality to see that people who don’t know happiness, inspiration, or love are precisely the people who overeat.

In their essence, there are no eating disorders, but disorders with accepting our own selves.

When people love themselves unconditionally, they begin valuing, respecting, and loving themselves, too. Life becomes much more simple, as a bunch of ballast falls by the wayside. This is why we need to cultivate ourselves, think about ourselves, be faithful to ourselves, and even be our own friends. 

Yoga increases our awareness and acceptance of ourselves, as it teaches us to recognize the true needs that our body, heart, and mind actually have.

May our food be fresh, natural, delicious, nutritious, simple, and pure. This will ensure that our vitality, energy, liveliness, health, and happiness go through the roof. 

“By the purity of food, follows the purification of the inner nature.”
Swami Šivananda