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Yoga – Life, My Way

BY Tadeja Krzic @artygirl_tk / 23.May.2019 / Recipes

When, 3 years ago, I was first introduced to Yoga, I expected to become more flexible, and I wasn’t interested in much more than that. Somewhere deep inside I knew that there was a lot more to Yoga than just flexibility, but I had never taken the time, and I didn’t even care about learning what all Yoga entails.  

A New Chapter in My Life

Two years ago, I met two wonderful Yoga instructors. They opened up a whole new chapterin my life.  

I jumped right into a new path of learning and all these new experiences and adventures that Yoga brought. Today I cannot imagine a life without Yoga; it has become a part of me, a part of my everyday routine, the way I live my life. It teaches me awareness about how to be present, attentive, and calm, and it awakens my creative energy at the same time. 

Life can change once you start with Yoga.

I don’t think I’m very different from other people, but I certainly bring the essence of Yoga with me to other areas of my life. Presence, focus, attention; all these things guide my life.

Yoga taught me this. 

When you realize this, when you actually live it, the hustle and bustle of everyday life slows down. You look at every moment as if slow motion: you’re there, present you is therefor that talk with your grandmother, to make lunch, to brew some coffee, even when stuck in traffic downtown or in conversing with your partner. You’re there! 

Sharing know-how

As a Yoga instructor I would like to pass on my knowledge, experience, and insight to those working with me, even if just for that hour we’re on the Yoga mats.

I want to use Yoga to show how beautiful life is, just as I experience it when I close my eyes and, by linking my breath with my movements, express my thoughts and feelings. Yoga is not just a list of difficult asanas and positions, but it’s much more than that. Yoga is the calm sea to your seething whirlpool of thoughts. Yoga is a dance, a link between movement and breathing. Yoga is a walk among the trees, where your bare feet feel a link with the falling, rustling fall leaves.

Hemp Protein, a Natural Source of Nutrition

Yoga is self-care for your body, a means of nourishment. I believe in a diet that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.  Wholesome, nutritious foods are part of a healthy, clean, and balanced approach to life. The best combination for great health and well-being is to consume nutrients, which are usually from a natural source and come in the form of premiumdietary supplements. And one of the best such supplements comes from hemp protein, which are in and of themselves a great source of nutrients. They’ve really becomea part of my everyday diet.

More than anything, it’s about a personal, life-long conviction and choice of habits, which we either developed ourselves or learned from someone else.

The peace that Yoga has brought me

My Yoga mat has also become a part of me, even when I’m not training.

Sometimes I just lie on it and recharge my batteries while listening to music, which takes me even higher. I like music that takes me away to a world that is mine alone. That’s where I recharge. Yoga is the same. 

Through my own actions I further myself in terms of my body, my energy, my mind, and my soul. I’m especially attracted to it because it is set apart from the material, outside world, and because there are no competitions. In Yoga we don’t compete with anyone else, and we have nothing to show off.

Leading a great life to me means that I can just give myself up and let it just guide me, accepting everything it sends my way. At the same time, I’m happy that I can nurture my intellectual, spiritual, and physical development. Intellectual development gives me direction and competitiveness, as well as spiritual peace with my life. It is my personal belief (even if just made up) that physical development helps me keep my proverbial engine running smoothly, so it’s there for me in the long term.

I try to be as present as possible in everything I do, and I don’t want my work to just be a means of accomplishing a goal; no, I want that it to be the objective itself – the end result should just be the cherry on the top. All that is what Yoga taught me.